Europeana tests of SHACL

There is a thread on the Dublin Core dc-architecture mailing list 
regarding the Europeana tests of SHACL.[1] This is one of the few 
external attempts to use SHACL, and there are a number of questions that 
are coming up. Holger is on the list and is helping Hugo Manguinhas work 
through the issues, but I thought that others in this group might be 
interested. There may be questions that should be turned into issues for 
the spec, so I would like multiple eyes on the discussion (since it is 
over my head in coding detail).

I believe it's a closed list, but I can pass along comments. At some 
point, we might want to invite Hugo to post some questions to the public 
WG list.

Karen Coyle
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Received on Monday, 8 February 2016 18:26:09 UTC