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On a brighter(?) note, this upcoming session, where neither
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> Subject: SHACL Up with Shapely RDF
> Date: February 4, 2016 at 11:46:57 AM EST
> Dave McComb and Dan Carey will address the Lotico chapter in DC on 2/16 with "SHACL Up with Shapely RDF". This might be of interest to you if you are in the area.
> Semantic Web Technologies have been rapidly maturing and are already being used for serious commercial work.  We introduce, demonstrate, and discuss the significance of an emerging W3C recommendation called SHACL (SHApes Constraint Language). 
> Its primary goal is to provide a way to describe and constrain the contents of RDF Graphs.   We describe exactly what SHACL is and give some examples from some of our commercial work with clients; we discuss the interacting roles of an enterprise ontology and RDF Shapes and how they work in concert. We demonstrate a prototype tool that integrates the development of Shapes (with an ontology) and show how constraints can be generated from SHACL in the form of ASK queries.  SHACL also plays a role as a UI and API aid.  This is an important new standard that helps bridge the gap between an enterprise ontology and different enterprise applications that are based on it.
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