Re: multiple value shape?

"Peter F. Patel-Schneider" <> wrote on 05/29/2015 
05:15:37 AM:

> ...
> There will be SPARQL-based implementations of SHACL, and these
> implementations will include the ability to use the raw SPARQL construct 
> SHACL.  If other implementations of SHACL do not implement this part of
> SHACL, then all that that means is that these implementations cannot 
> themselves of this useful feature.  Users can always switch to an
> implementation that does support this part of SHACL, and thus "SPARQL is
> always a fallback" for them.

Except that not all users will be able to switch to such an 
implementation. I believe you have in mind the common but use case where a 
generic/vanilla rdf datastore is used. In other cases such as those I know 
of where RDF is used as a thin layer on top of legacy software SPARQL 
support isn't an option and switching implementation isn't either.
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