Re: Recursion in RDF Data Shape Languages

On 5/23/2015 4:16, Arthur Ryman wrote:
> Your comments are valid. I think the article would be improved if it 
> included a real-world example too. To be convincing, the example 
> should make use of recursion in a non-trivial way in the sense that it 
> could not be expressed by your SHACL-SPARQL proposal. At this point I 
> conjecture that such an example exists. It would be very instructive 
> to have an example that can be expressed in something as simple as 
> Resource Shape 2.0, but that is not expressible as a single SPARQL 
> query. If you already have such an example, please share it. Otherwise 
> I'll try to construct one. 

Attached is a SHACL version of the Polentoni scenario that Peter shared 
with the group a few months ago. Note the direct recursion in sh:valueShape.


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