Re: Suggestions for test cases framework

On 5/22/2015 16:09, Jose Emilio Labra Gayo wrote:
> - If SHACL is expressed in itself then many sht:WellFormedSchema test 
> cases can be handled with sht:Validate
> I think it will be useful to have tests that check that something is a 
> well formed schema or not. Even if the input is well formed RDF, that 
> doesn't mean that it will be well be a well formed Shape.
> The example that I gave yesterday was a shape were the value of 
> "sh:allowedValues" were not a rdf:list.

Yes, but if you validate a SHACL file against the shacl.ttl system file 
then this would be flagged as an sh:Error; violation of the sh:valueType in:

     sh:argument [
         sh:predicate sh:allowedValues ;
         sh:valueType rdf:List ;   # HERE
         rdfs:label "allowed values" ;
         rdfs:comment "The rdf:List containing the allowed values of the 
property." ;
     ] ;

There are some other constraints already formalized, e.g. that a 
sh:PropertyConstraint cannot have both sh:datatype and sh:valueType. We 
could and should add more, and thus expose the benefits from our own 
test cases to everyone.


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