Re: what is the ShEx proposal

* Peter F. Patel-Schneider <> [2015-05-18 08:56-0700]
> At the VF2F there is a session on ShEx proposal deep-dive/demo.  I'm
> assuming that this is going to be about the first proposal in
> There are three documents listed as part of that proposal with Eric, Holger,
> and Iovka as editors of one or more of the documents.
> Do all three editors stand behind the entirety of the three documents?

I have no idea how to measure that. I'm sure no one thinks the docs
are ready for REC. I'm sure they're all fine for FPWD.

> Are all three documents part of the ShEx proposal?

Yes, tutorial, semantics and SPARQL complement.

> Do the three documents describe one proposal?


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