w3ctestlib branch a


https://bitbucket.org/gsnedders/w3ctestlib/branch/cleanup-a-1 has a
branch containing a whole load of fixes for w3ctestlib, which leads to
it discovering more tests in the repo than previously. It would be nice
to get this merged into w3ctestlib proper.

In short, significant changes are:

 a) Change how HTMLSource handles encoding, making it use the normal
HTML means of detecting encoding. This allows us to find all the UTF-16
encoded tests we were previously missing. (It does, however, oblige us
to use html5lib 0.99999999 or above, which has breaking changes in it.
Note, however, this causes a massive diff in the built output because it
makes all attributes stay in source order.)

 b) Remove a bunch of unused features (given the goal of getting rid of
the build system, we probably aren't going to ever start using them, and
as such they're just unnecessary complexity that make it harder to
understand the code!). Support for multiple groups in a testsuite is
gone, as is all the code for the old reftest manifest format.

 c) A whole load of changes to move us slightly more in line with PEP8,
to have some more normal Python code style.

 d) Turn it into a real Python package, and add some tests.

This also makes it possible to run the build system under PyPy (5.0.1 is
definitely required, maybe later?), which locally takes 3 minutes to
build the testsuite instead of 3:30.


Received on Friday, 15 July 2016 03:32:12 UTC