Re: w3ctestlib branch a

On 15/07/16 04:31, Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
> Hi,
> has a
> branch containing a whole load of fixes for w3ctestlib, which leads to
> it discovering more tests in the repo than previously. It would be nice
> to get this merged into w3ctestlib proper.
> In short, significant changes are:
>  a) Change how HTMLSource handles encoding, making it use the normal
> HTML means of detecting encoding. This allows us to find all the UTF-16
> encoded tests we were previously missing. (It does, however, oblige us
> to use html5lib 0.99999999 or above, which has breaking changes in it.
> Note, however, this causes a massive diff in the built output because it
> makes all attributes stay in source order.)
>  b) Remove a bunch of unused features (given the goal of getting rid of
> the build system, we probably aren't going to ever start using them, and
> as such they're just unnecessary complexity that make it harder to
> understand the code!). Support for multiple groups in a testsuite is
> gone, as is all the code for the old reftest manifest format.
>  c) A whole load of changes to move us slightly more in line with PEP8,
> to have some more normal Python code style.
>  d) Turn it into a real Python package, and add some tests.
> This also makes it possible to run the build system under PyPy (5.0.1 is
> definitely required, maybe later?), which locally takes 3 minutes to
> build the testsuite instead of 3:30.

There's now also
<> which
adds one commit on-top of that which does very little in and of itself,
but in combination with <>
gets us building a file for the whole repo, per the
resolution at the last F2F.

I know that Mozilla especially would like to get this landed relatively
soon such that it's possible to run with two-way syncing for Servo,
though I realise you're at the TAG meeting this week (and presumably
travelling after!).


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