Re: dependencies in tests

> On 17 Jun 2015, at 05:37, Gérard Talbot <> wrote:
> If you can describe the vertical-text cursor with simple words, then it would be sufficient.

I do describe it with words.

However, I am not testing the 'vertical-text' cursor. I am testing the 'text' cursor, which the UA is allowed to rotate when placed over vertical text.

> What I often do is indicate that the glyphs of the words (say, "Text sample") tested should be rotated 90° clockwise (or translated vertically if 'text-orientation: upright' is being tested) and that the cursor should look like a short horizontal bar. By writing all that, you are also verifying that the user agent supports vertical writing-mode.

But I am not interested in verifying that the UA supports vertical mode. Cursor and writing modes can interact, and how they behave when they do is defined, but cursor does not have a dependency on writing modes.

 - Florian

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