Re: [css-grid] grid-vertical-align-001 and grid-inline-vertical-align-001: review request

Le 2014-12-09 10:18, Manuel Rego Casasnovas a écrit :
> Hi Gérard,
> thanks for the detailed review.
> On 08/12/14 03:02, Gérard Talbot wrote:
>> I did not understand why you needed to use empty inline-blocks in your
>> code. Maybe what you coded was okay... I don't know for sure.
> Yeah, you're right I like much more your approach, so I've modified the
> tests, you can take a look to the new versions at:
> * grid-vertical-align-001:
>   * Source:
>   * View:

If you want to perfect your CSS code...

Class is (best used) for logical grouping of elements; id is for 
document-unique elements. So,

             .test-grid-overlapping-green {
                 display: grid;
                 font: 50px/1 Ahem;
                 color: green;

             .vertical-align {
                 vertical-align: 125px;


         <div class="test-grid-overlapping-green">
             <span class="vertical-align">2n</span>

can be replaced with id in grid-vertical-align-001 and 
grid-inline-vertical-align-001 tests .

> * grid-inline-vertical-align-001:
>   * Source:
>   * View:
>> Ideally, we always want test to fail when a property or property value
>> is not supported or not implemented.

"The test fails when it's supposed to fail"

Generally speaking, you want tests to be stringent, demanding, not 
lenient, not tolerant, not merciful.

An ideal test is one that has a very narrow corridor of success and very 
large corridor of failure.

Test suite coverage:
An ideal test is one that checks, verifies one (at a time) and only one 
single aspect of the spec, like one single testable statement of the 

> Ups, I didn't realize before. I've modified it following a similar
> approach to previous tests. I understand that it should fail if it's 
> not
> supported, so the new version will fail in that case.
> * grid-display-grid-001.xht:
>   * Source:
>   * View:
> Please tell me if you're ok with the change.
> Cheers,
>   Rego

Later, you will need to get one of the spec editors to check at least a 
minority of your tests because I am not familiar with the grid spec. I 
can review the other aspects (like format, filename, text assert, 
possible pitfalls, etc.) of your tests.

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