Re: [css-grid] grid-vertical-align-001 and grid-inline-vertical-align-001: review request

Hi Gérard,

thanks for the detailed review.

On 08/12/14 03:02, Gérard Talbot wrote:
> I did not understand why you needed to use empty inline-blocks in your
> code. Maybe what you coded was okay... I don't know for sure.

Yeah, you're right I like much more your approach, so I've modified the
tests, you can take a look to the new versions at:

* grid-vertical-align-001:
  * Source:
  * View:

* grid-inline-vertical-align-001:
  * Source:
  * View:

> Ideally, we always want test to fail when a property or property value
> is not supported or not implemented.

Ups, I didn't realize before. I've modified it following a similar
approach to previous tests. I understand that it should fail if it's not
supported, so the new version will fail in that case.

* grid-display-grid-001.xht:
  * Source:
  * View:

Please tell me if you're ok with the change.


Received on Tuesday, 9 December 2014 15:18:50 UTC