testharness.js in csswg-test repository


Yesterday, I got an email from Kawabata Taichi that goes like this:

I'm kawabata, and I've been working for creating Tests for CSS Ruby.
I've got one serious problem relating to the test of CSS Ruby.


In short, it seems there is no testharness.js way in csswg-test 
and I'm wondering how can I contribute about ruby.

I have read and looked in
Testharness.js Tutorial: Getting Started

and in
Github Test Submission: Clone the submodules

and "testharness files in should be in the resources directory."

Rebecca: are the documentation files updated and correct?

Rebecca: wouldn't it be more exact to use the "subdirectories" word (or 
"sub-directories" ... or "folders") instead of "submodules" word? Just 

Kawabata: did you do:
$ git clone --recursive https://github.com/username/csswg-test.git

Kawabata: if you have an empty resources directory at the root of your 
cloned repo, can you do:
$ cd test-repo-root
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

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CSS 2.1 Test suite RC6, March 23rd 2011

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