Re: [RC6] font-family-name-023

Hi Gérard,

I still see no reason for the changes you propose.  Neither the tests
or assertion are incorrect.  The misinterpretation seems to be based
on mixing up 'font' and 'font-family'.  If you were confused about the purpose
of the test, then adding a comment would be fine.



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Le Sam 17 mars 2012 3:17, John Daggett a écrit :
> Gérard Talbot wrote:
>> The reftest for font-family-name-023 does not use the font-family
>> "x-large CSSTest FamilyName Funky" but rather "CSSTest FamilyName".
> Huh?
> These are the property definitions used in that test:
>   p#test1a {
>       font-family: "small-caps 1in CSSTest FamilyName Funky", CSSTest
> Fallback;
>   }
>   p#test2 {
>       font-family: x-large CSSTest FamilyName Funky, CSSTest Fallback;
>   }
>   p#test2a {
>       font-family: "x-large CSSTest FamilyName Funky", CSSTest Fallback;
>   }
>   p#test3a {
>       font-family: "12px CSSTest FamilyName Funky", CSSTest Fallback;
>   }
> The font named "CSSTest FamilyName" is *not* used for this test!!!


I understand that the font named "CSSTest FamilyName" is *not* used for
this test. Albeit 4 hours ago, I did not.

> Remember, those are 'font-family' definitions *not* 'font' definitions.

I understand.

> John

The *reftest* for font-family-023 uses "CSSTest FamilyName" for the 4
tests. Doing so (choosing that precise font family name) certainly can
lead to misinterpretation of what the test is doing or trying to

This sentence "Font family names that appear similar to font shorthand
should match to fonts with those names" is rather vague and open to
interpretation ..

Proposal for the *reftest*

        <style type="text/css">
            body { font-size: 36px; }
            span#verify { font-family: CSSTest Verify; }

            p#test1a {
                font-family: "small-caps 1in CSSTest FamilyName Funky";
            p#test2, p#test2a {
                font-family: "x-large CSSTest FamilyName Funky";

            p#test3a {
                font-family: "12px CSSTest FamilyName Funky";
        <div><a href="">Test
fonts</a> must be installed for this test: <span
        <p id="test1a">PaSs</p>
        <p id="test2">PaSs</p>
        <p id="test2a">PaSs</p>
        <p id="test3a">PaSs</p>

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