[RC6] Text assert of several background-0* test doubtful or inaccurate


The text assert of several background-0* tests are stating things which
are not always true and sometimes not even correct for their very own



"Background with repeat only does nothing to the element."

While that may be what we can view in the rendered test, it is dangerous
to speak in such general terms and to conclude in such manner.
Background shorthand with only its background-repeat subproperty set
will nevertheless have all of the other background sub-properties use
their initial values (transparent for color, scroll for attachment, 0%
0% for position, none for image). All these can be inherited too from
descendants with inherit keyword.

Another aspect which makes such text assert wrong is that the background
shorthand declaration is immediately followed by a background-image: so,
the background shorthand declaration is not alone and "only" in the test

There are at least one dozen of tests with test assert text claims ("*
only does nothing to the element") which I find dangerous/doubtful to
say or inaccurate or just incorrect.






"Since the initial value for background-repeat is repeat the position
and color declarations will have no effect."

In general and in these 2 tests, such statement is not true. The image
will be initially positioned (anchored) from the top right and the
rightmost cat image will not be cut off, precisely because of the
position declaration. The test assert text contradicts partly the test's
pass/fail condition sentence itself.

Also, it is possible to have an image with parts of it transparent; in
which case, the color declaration would have an effect. Btw, I checked
the submitted test and we do not have a test using an image with
transparent parts.

When the image is available, it is rendered on top of the background
color. (Thus, the color is visible in the transparent parts of the

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