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4 new table cell width tests: table-layout-visual-026a, 026b, 026c and 026d submitted

[nightly-unstable] column-visibility-004 does not get 2 implementation pass

[nightly-unstable] first-letter-quote-003: conflicting matching "reftests" and other issues

[nightly-unstable] fixed-table-layout-003e08 and 4 other fixed-table-layout-003e0x tests

[nightly-unstable] font-052 and font-family-rule-004a submitted

[nightly-unstable] test-synthetic-bold and test-synthetic-italic

[RC6] clear-applies-to-013 is not ideal, needs work

[RC6] floats-038: fractional pixel (border: 0.1in solid white)

[RC6] several changes to position-relative-013; position-absolute-008 and position-absolute-008a

[RC6] white-space-processing-056: false positives

Use of non-Latin graphemes in tests

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