[RC6] clear-applies-to-013 is not ideal, needs work




This test, as worded and as designed, is not ideal and may lead to false
positive. The pass/fail conditions sentence should be testing about the
relative position of the green square rather than its existence.

Actual is: "Test passes if there is a filled green square."

Correct is: "Test passes if there is a square below this text."

We want the sentence to be as short as possible because tests must pass
with a 640px viewport. If the sentence is long and if 'clear: both' is
*not* applied to table elements by an UA, then the green square will
line-wrap when viewed in a 640px (or so) viewport and such resulting
layout will be believed to be a successful implementation of 'clear:
both' when it would not be.

Right now, I have no proposal other than to change the sentence. There
may be other ways to make this test more trustworthy.


line 19     #table, #cell
                height: 1in;
                width: 1in;

is not necessary; sufficient is

line 19     #cell
                height: 1in;
                width: 1in;

Finally, there is the issue of testing table and clear when such table
has a non-empty caption box.

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