Re: [RC5, pre-RC6] font-family-024 : its reftest and text assertion

Hi GĂ©rard,

> 1-
> <meta name="assert" content="System font names are only allowed with the
> font shorthand, not in font-family rules">
> but after the clarification talks we had in the thread
> font-051/052/053/054/055/056 invalid (system font keywords are ok font
> families)
> that is not true
> 2-
> The reftest for
> font-family-name-024
> is also wrong.

This isn't quite correct, the other tests were invalid because of
the odd behavior of the productions involved with the 'font'
shorthand.  The testcase font-family-name-024 will only be
invalid for systems containing fonts that match the system font
names.  This is almost never the case.  So I think it would make
sense to simply revise the test to include that the test is only
valid on systems where this is true.  We can include on the test
page a fontlist containing *quoted* system font names which will
explicitly say PASS/FAIL concerning this condition.

System contains no fonts with names that match system font names: PASS

Does that sound like it makes sense?


John Daggett

Received on Friday, 25 February 2011 01:13:28 UTC