Re: CSS 2.1 test suite feedback: organizational

On 09/26/2010 11:27 PM, Simon Fraser wrote:
> I've been through about 60% of the HTML4 tests in the 20100917 suite, and have some feedback.
> For pure cleanliness reasons, I suggest that the files in the html4 and xhtml1
> directories are broken into test files and non-test files. I suggest a hierarchy
> like the following:
> [html|xhtml1]/
>                toc.html
>                chapters/
>                         chapter-1.[htm|xht]
>                         ...
>                tests/

This should be doable. I am wondering, however, why the chapter tocs are not in
the main directory?

> It would be very helpful if file had the following additional columns,
> to allow a test harness to categorize and present tests in the same order that they
> are presented in chapters:
> chapters: comma-separated list of chapters that the test is applicable to (e.g. "3, 4, E").

This can be derived from the links column.

> indices: index of the test in the chapters it appears; comma-separated list with
> the same length as chapters (e.g. "134, 12,10").

Hmm, this might be difficult. Why do you need this information?

> It would also be helpful to know the prerequisites for each test:
> * whether they should be viewed with a paged media type

This is in the metadata as the 'paged' flag.

> * whether they must be served over http

This is in the metadata as the 'http' flag.

> * whether they require user interaction

This is in the metadata as the 'interact' flag.

> * whether they require a user CSS file

This is not flagged specially. If you make a list of such tests,
I can add flags for the next release.

The flags are defined here:
and should appear both in the test and in the file.
If a particular test is not flagged correctly, then it's an error
in the test and should be reported as such.

> Can the "dinamic-pseudo-classes" be renamed to fix the spelling error?

Thought I already did that. :/ I'll go fix that now...


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