CSS 2.1 test suite feedback: test feedback

I've been through about 60% of the HTML4 tests in the 20100917 suite, and have some feedback.

This message describes issue with individual those tests with issues that I've covered so far.

content-type-000 and content-type-001 need to indicate that they are only valid when tested over http with the appropriate .htaccess settings.
font-size-123 is not self-documenting.
first-letter-nested-006 is not self-documenting.
numbers-units-015 is ambiguous: does it mean any two of the boxes?
units-002, units-003: it would be clearer to say "the same height as"
character-encoding-026: unclear if this needs testing over http.
c71-fwd-parsing-004: ambiguous whether comment refers to text or background color.
core-syntax-001: green refers to background (needs clarification)
core-syntax-002: green refers to foreground (needs clarification)
matching-brackets-002: failure mode is red on red
matching-brackets-003: is red background a fail?
content-counter-004: 12 squares for reference would be useful, otherwise I have to count them.
content-counters-004: takes too much effort to score.
counters-order-001: takes too much effort to score.
at-charset-001 et al: should clarify what two lines means.
active-selector-002: confusing
active-selector-004: ambiguous
dom-hover-001: clarify that mouse should not move
cascade-precedence-001: ambiguous: vertical or horizontal center?
first-line-inherit-001 is not self-documenting.
first-letter-non-punctuation-001 ambiguous
first-letter-punct-before-015: too long
first-letter-punct-before-019: too long
first-letter-punct-before-035: too long
first-letter-punctuation-*: it's hard to see the color of a small glyph.
matching-brackets-002: failure mode is red on red, so unreadable.
blocks-017: should say "evenly distributed vertically"
table-margin-004: ditto
c5519-brdr-r-001: takes too much effort to score.
border-applies-to: ambiguous ("box" implies solid)
floats-104: rtakes too much effort to score.
floats-108: should be a ref test, since it mentions a ref
floats-126 (and similar): says to resize the window, but not what should happen when you do.
blocks-020: not self-describing, no ref
blocks-021: ditto
blocks-022: ditto
list-style-position-*: takes too much effort to score, needs ref.
before-after-dynamic-restyle-001: uses red in a non-failure case
content-white-space-003: refers to blue and orange boxes, but boxes are silver.
quotes-035: non-obvious failure
quotes-036: non-obvious failure


Received on Monday, 27 September 2010 11:30:20 UTC