text-transform-bicameral-004.htm (beta 2)

(beta 2)

I checked this time in Windows and then again in Linux KDE. Here are my

In IE8, Firefox 3.6.8, Opera 10.60, Chrome 5.0.375.125, Konqueror 4.4.5,
Safari 5.0, when trying Times New Roman, Code2000, Harrington, DejaVu
Serif, these 3 pairs failed:

I ı
S ſ
Ṡ ẛ

On top of those 3 pairs, Opera 10.60 fails 1 pair, Ƒ ƒ , with Times
New Roman.

On top of those 3 pairs, IE8 fails another 20 to 25 pairs.

I think the test should be using a bigger font-size (some diacritic mark
are small) and should be listing character pairs in a grid of columns
and rows: it would then be easier to spot a failure and easier to
identify the character pair. E.g.: pair at line 20, column 4 failed.

regards, Gérard
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