RE: [CSS 2.1] Invalid test cases (5 still needing review)

> Here is an update for the Invalid Test cases list. Please look over it
> and see if you can help review and/or update.
> Still needing review:

The percentage is calculated with respect to the width of the generated
box's containing block. (...) If the containing block's width depends on
this element's width, then the resulting layout is undefined in CSS 2.1.

And the width of the generated box's containing block itself would have
to be determined by a result of shrink-to-fit width calculation. This
looks very much as circular logic to me.

The test is rejectable for another reason: there is no clear, specified
dimensions given as expected results for the green square.


The element has no vertical margin and the inlined div should not
cause a new line to be created; so it should be positioned at (0,0) in
document box. IMO this test is incorrect.


Same thing here. IMO the test is incorrect.

I have looked at
but I have no idea at all for now on these 2.

regards, Gérard
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