Re: [CSS 2.1] cases that do not pass in any browser

> The following cases do not pass in any browsers. I have a feeling that
> the test cases are incorrect in most of the scenarios. With so many
> issues it would be great to get some help investigating each of these
> and seeing if the case is valid to the spec, if the case is just buggy
> and needs a simple fix or if the case should just be removed all
> together.



Firefox 3.6.6 passes those 2 testcases.


Konqueror 4.4.5 partially passes this testcase: there is no red
displayed and the bullet list-marker is clearly on the left side. But
the list-item principal block box is below the bullet list-marker.


Firefox 3.6.6 passes these 2 units testcases.
 div { margin: 1px; }
could be changed to
 div { margin: 4px 0; }
to make the blue bars horizontally aligned.

regards, Gérard
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