[off-topic] about me and my health

I'd like to say that I am not a CSS guru nor a CSS expert.
I'm only a sensitive person who hates but still uses the web (aaw, such
contradictions are stunning!).
I hate it because it's completely alienating. I can stand it only a few
minutes in the morning,
when I check my mail and delete piles of spam messages. I love only the real
world, namely what
I can see with my real eyes, touch with my real hands and feel with my real
Yes, I use it, but only as a means for improving my job skills. Sometimes my
sensitiveness really hurts me,
so I have to read or do some technical stuff in order to smother it (maybe
I'm too sensitive,
but you get the idea). I'm sorry, but this is exactly the way I am. The
truth is that I can't lie
(wow, now we have piles of logical contradictions and romantic half-baked
By the way, I'm a Cancer and I believe in my profile. And yes, I am proud!

Kathleen HannaI've noticed that people generally tend to take advantage
of sensitive persons in a way that I can stand (they treat us as bitches,
objects and the like).
Anyway, I don't think people are cruel or something. Sensitive persons love
people but they love them too much, I guess.
This is not a matter of self-assurance or being too shy. Sensitiveness has
nothing to do with such feelings.
Neither is a matter of mere intelligence. For example, I'm a person of
average intelligence with no scientific
background (yes, I'm bad at programming, maths and so on ^.^). I have good
memory, though.
I can remember facts, quotations, whatever. People think that this is
genius, you know, but I only collect things.
No, I think that people's behavior is somewhat related to the way we live

It's a matter of economics, I guess. We are all affected by economics.
Our time, our choices, our hopes have all a price. Everything. It's freaky.
This thing scares me so much that I can't watch TV or read a newspaper
without feeling a kind of anguish, you know,
something that really hurts me. So I came up with the idea that
sensitiveness is basically anti-economical.
A sensitive person has basically three alternatives:

   1. smother sensitiveness
   2. find a balance between sensitiveness and economics
   3. ignore both sensitiveness and economics

A feasible alternative is obviously the second. You need money to live,
that's right.
This could seem a truism but it's true and I fully agree with that. Yes, I
see, alternatives
#1 and #3 imply, literally, self-destruction (gee, an average intelligence
is not stupidity, you know ^O^).
Anyway, this goal is really difficult to achieve. Sometimes we have to
choose between our feelings
and our economical life. The distinction is not always so clear-cut. For
example, imagine that a
friend asks you some money but you can't afford it: how do you feel?
Frankly, I feel guilty beyond
words about this (ok, I'm really too sensitive but I respect at most a
different decision).
I love people too much, I guess. I'm a Cancer, so I feel really protective.

I'm happy especially when I know that another person is happy, OK, and
everything's alright.
I'm not anxious, though. In case you're wondering, I feel so also with total
strangers or people
I meet for the first time. I can guess people's unhappiness. I can guess
what's wrong with them.
I can see it through their eyes. A couple of weeks ago I was cheking my
account on an ATM near
the central post office of my home town, when I suddenly saw a boy (about 15
years old or something)
walking down the street. Well, I could see his desperation through his sad
eyes. His eyes were
like ashes of a dead fire. I asked him if he was OK. He smiled at me, said
nothing and went on.
Ok, I'm done now. You can guess who I am. I love you.

xxx ^.^/

thanks but now I'm really tired.

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