Review Request: t1205-c565-list-pos-00-b

fantasai wrote:
> 돼지말린효과 wrote:
>> I tried to test this URL in Opera 9.2 WebBrowser.
>> But I saw that the two navy boxed were different on windows xp in my
>> computer.
> That said, I don't see any statement in CSS2.1 that backs up this test, so
> it is invalid and should be removed. Thanks for bringing it up.

This test
was taken from the CSS1 test suite. The original test is here:
The original test is valid afaict: it is testing list-style-position. However
the CSS2.1 version is invalid and should be removed.

I've written a pair of tests to replace it, based on the original CSS1 test.
Anyone willing to review them so I can add them to the test suite?


Received on Friday, 3 August 2007 02:54:51 UTC