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Re: Suggested additions to CSS3 Selectors test suite

From: Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 20:22:18 +0000 (UTC)
To: public-css-testsuite@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.58.0405292014260.27428@dhalsim.dreamhost.com>

On Sat, 29 May 2004, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> I was comparing Mozilla's list of known selector bugs to the CSS
> Selectors test suite, and I found a few bugs that were not caught by the
> suite.  The list follows, with links to relevant testcases: [...]

It would be nice to add those tests. I won't have time to do this soon
(I'm working on getting a basic CSS2.1 test suite up so that we can then
invite input for that test suite) but in the meantime if people want to
add tests to the selectors test suite the instructions on how to write the
tests are at the bottom of:


You can also see the source files for the existing tests in that

Please try to follow the CSS2.1 test case authoring guidelines in general
(except for the format of course) when writing tests. :-)

Note that before any tests are added the working group will have to agree
to adding the tests, so it's not an automatic process.

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