[csswg-drafts] CSS2 revisions v. later levels

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== CSS2 revisions v. later levels ==
We seem to have no clear policy on when we're adding things into CSS2 v. when we're adding things to level 3 specs.

For example, #2740 and #2851 seem to take different approaches (both are essentially editorial changes, adding hooks for other specs to modify behaviour defined in CSS2). The prior of the two issues seems not to have a resolution, though I feel like we resolved to do that in Berlin? (Maybe we didn't resolve *because* it's editorial?)

What is our goal for CSS 2.2? Is it:

* Avoiding contradictions between level 2 and later levels?
* Fixing things (editorial or otherwise) that don't yet have a level 3 spec?

The argument in #2851 AIUI is that we should just create a level 3 spec for any case where we want to fix anything that currently only exists in CSS 2. How much do we have left only in CSS 2? Some definitions in section 2, box layout in sections 9 & 10? Anything else?

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