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On Thu, Sep 2, 2021, at 7:59 AM, Juan Caballero wrote:
> If only there were some kind of "rubric" document for navigating the market, or better yet, a podcast offering deep-dives into the decisions issues and goals of major methods... ;)


Thanks for the shoutout, Juan.

Last week we (W3C) published the DID Method Rubric which presents a set of criteria that might prove useful for people evaluating different DID Methods.

And just today, we (Legendary Requirements) launched the website for our DID method podcast _The Rubric_, where we interview the people behind different DID Methods so people can get a sense of what makes each method unique, what the motivations behind the method are, and how it came together. We feel that getting to know the people behind the technology creates the possibility for insights you can't get just from reading a specification.

We have several episodes up, including

_DIDs Are Magical_, A chat with the DID WG Co-chairs
_The Granddaddy of DIDs (did:btcr)_
_Before the Beginning (did:v1) p1_
_Before the Beginning (did:v1) p2_

Coming soon: did:key and did:ipld 

Please take a look. I think you might find it a fun way to learn more about Decentralized Identifiers.

If you're involved with a DID Method we haven't mentioned yet (as an editor or implementer) and you'd like to be on the show, please reach out and we'll see how to get you on the schedule.


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