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Re: Password-less auth vs VC-auth

From: Alan Davies <alan@credentialmaster.com>
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021 18:08:18 -0800
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Cc: sethi shivam <sethishivam27@gmail.com>, "W3C Credentials CG (Public List)" <public-credentials@w3.org>
To: Kyle Den Hartog <kyle.denhartog@mattr.global>
Surely a simple “here’s a credential that proves who I am” must be considered “pretty good”. Let’s keep things simple. The older passwordless solutions are not that simple. 

Alan Davies
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On Nov 7, 2021, at 14:38, Kyle Den Hartog <kyle.denhartog@mattr.global> wrote:

It's hard to make an evaluation of what's better without having any sort of use case or requirements listed. If you're only trying to achieve authentication like just a basic login, then a VC is probably overkill in what you're trying to achieve. However, if you're trying to build a registration flow or architect the system so that the backend system operates completely stateless, I could see advantages to using a VC based system.

Also, when you say password-less auth there's a whole class of potential methods you could use to achieve this. For example, webauthn, HTTP Signatures, DIDComm based co-protocol, or many other variations exist to achieve a password-less based auth system. However, without more details it's hard to compare any of them.

From: sethi shivam <sethishivam27@gmail.com>
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Subject: Password-less auth vs VC-auth
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Hi team ,

I am looking for the reasons why vc-auth is better than password-less auth.

And if i lose my phone , which process  is less painful to get my credentials back ?

Best Regards
Sethi Shivam 

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