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[MINUTES] W3C CCG CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Call - 2021-11-01

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Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2021 14:42:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks to  john_kuo for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

CCG Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force Telecon Minutes for 2021-11-01

  1. IP Note
  2. Scribe Selection
  3. Introductions & Reintroductions
  4. Announcements & Reminders
  5. Co-chairs election begins - review of nomination and voting 
  6. Review Use Cases - Two from Matt Lisle
  Kerri Lemoie
  Kerri Lemoie, Hakan Yildirim, Matt Lisle, Dmitri Zagidulin, 
  Stuart Freeman, John Kuo, Kayode Ezike, Nate Otto, Phil Barker, 
  David Ward, Simone Ravaoli, Juan Caballero

Topic: IP Note

Kerri Lemoie: https://www.w3.org/community/credentials/join
Kerri Lemoie: https://www.w3.org/accounts/request
Kerri Lemoie: https://www.w3.org/community/about/agreements/cla/
<john_kuo> OK
Kerri Lemoie:  Asked John to be the scribe and typing up how to 
  do it here [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
Kerri Lemoie:  IRC commands: 
  https://w3c-ccg.github.io/irc_ref.html [scribe assist by Kerri 

Topic: Scribe Selection

 john_kuo is scribing.
<john_kuo> There are guidelines with tips
John Kuo: :+1:

Topic: Introductions & Reintroductions

<john_kuo> Introductions...
<john_kuo> Hakan Yildrim new
<john_kuo> PhD student in Turkey, visiting scholar at Purdue
<john_kuo> Working on blockchain in education, happy to be here
<kayode_ezike> Welcome Hakan!

Topic: Announcements & Reminders

Kerri Lemoie:  Announcements and reminders [scribe assist by John 
Kerri Lemoie: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-vc-edu/
Kerri Lemoie: 
<john_kuo> Tomorrow CCG call will have state senator sharing 
  Wyomings initiative
Kerri Lemoie: 
Kerri Lemoie: https://www.evernym.com/dids-webinar/
<john_kuo> Drummond Reed from Evernym

Topic: Co-chairs election begins - review of nomination and voting procedures.

<john_kuo> First agenda item:  VC edu co-chair election, two open 
<kerri_lemoie> Co-chair description 
<john_kuo> Kerri- finds it fulfilling, always know what's going 
  on, as co-chair you are at the center
<john_kuo> Hard for one person, better to distribute 
<kerri_lemoie> public-vc-edu@w3.org
<john_kuo> Two week nomination, self nomination via email
<john_kuo> Send it why you are interested
<john_kuo> If more than two will hold a vote
Kerri Lemoie: https://www.opavote.com
<john_kuo> Will be ranked choice
<john_kuo> Monday 11/15 statements and questions
<john_kuo> Or if just two will be introductions
<john_kuo> 11/21 voting deadline
<john_kuo> 11/22 results
<john_kuo> Use Cases:
Kerri Lemoie:   Working to populate: [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<kerri_lemoie> VC-EDU use case doc: 
<kerri_lemoie> Google doc: 
<john_kuo> Started google to work directly avoid GitHub etc. for 
<john_kuo> Will begin reviewing and populating
<john_kuo> Review existing use cases and align with template
<john_kuo> Please write your own
<john_kuo> Just use template
<kerri_lemoie> Use case template: 

Topic: Review Use Cases - Two from Matt Lisle

<john_kuo> Matt Lyle from Georgia tech has two use cases
<john_kuo> Matt share screen
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> one of the counterintuitive bits about 
  jitsi UX
<kerri_lemoie> Professional Education:  
<john_kuo> First use case GT professional education
<john_kuo> E.g. continuing education
<john_kuo> Jane is employee at company looking for promotion via 
<john_kuo> Wants to earn GT PE certificate, 4 course 1 day in 
  person course, at end you get a certificate
<john_kuo> Slight wrinkle: Jane would like cumulative and also 
  for each course, Jane wants printable certificate
<john_kuo> Companies want printable certificate
<john_kuo> Copied from existing use cases, OB, DIF, CLR etc.
<john_kuo> DID web,OIDC
John Kuo: Tech:  LMS of GTP and SIS,. Canvas and Genius, GT 
  Authentication, Wallet, talent  system
John Kuo: Goal: advance career
<john_kuo> Actors, Jane, GTPE, employer
John Kuo: Preconditions: Janes needs wallet... ?
<john_kuo> Have Grad student doing UX research, how important is 
  a wallet long term...
<john_kuo> GTPE needs to issue and print, local company needs 
  verification and ingest
John Kuo: Flow: current, local company doesn't use VCs
<john_kuo> Separate one for when they can
<john_kuo> - Completes course in LMS
<john_kuo> - LMS issues / claim course
<john_kuo> - Jane gets credential
<john_kuo> Repeat
<john_kuo> For 4 credentials
<john_kuo> SIS issues certificate
<john_kuo> Gets in wallet and printable certificate
<john_kuo> Has a unique serial number
<john_kuo> Jane presents certificate, gets recorded in HR system
<john_kuo> Jane has all 5 digital certificates
<john_kuo> Long term: local company can recognize VCs
<john_kuo> Jane can just share VCs
<john_kuo> When there is a framework Jane can be recognized as 
Kerri Lemoie:   This is just digital? [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<john_kuo> Second case version is digital VC sharing only
Kerri Lemoie:  Is unique ID tied to certificate? [scribe assist 
  by John Kuo]
<john_kuo> How is serial number used?
<john_kuo> Interesting to note
John Kuo:  ASU has a use case for having an external id and an 
  attachment for paper or paper-like. [scribe assist by Kerri 
John Kuo:  External id maps to external system that's not a VC 
  [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
John Kuo:  Then build a connector to the VC. Pocket is a wallet 
  that stores schemas and instances of VCs. [scribe assist by Kerri 
John Kuo:   Needs external ID and attachment, great use case 
  [scribe assist by John Kuo]
John Kuo: Add: this version doesn't need printable?
<john_kuo> In second use case set maybe still need printable
John Kuo:  Other use case - a vc with a corresponding child 
  collection. Issue a credential that includes the child 
  credentials based on business rules that help trigger that 
  credential. [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
John Kuo:  For instance four courses & course completion. Done 
  for transcript processing purposes. [scribe assist by Kerri 
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> `evidence`?
John Kuo:  Context needed. [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> yeah, i agree
<kerri_lemoie> ack?
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> mind-reading!
<kerri_lemoie> :)
John Kuo: Dmitri>: use cases for relationships
<kerri_lemoie> The CLR has a way to make these relationships
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> i'm not sure it's appropriate here but 
  there is this spec in TOIP land for chaining VCs: 
John Kuo:   Yes, it is an issue for VCs.  Pocket is using JSON-LD 
  and data models [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> Pocket?
Dmitri Zagidulin:   Hash links [scribe assist by John Kuo]
John Kuo: https://pocket.asu.edu/
<john_kuo> Will be presenting to CCG
Juan Caballero:  Chain of VCs / web of trust [scribe assist by 
  John Kuo]
John Kuo:   This is lineage but not collection? [scribe assist by 
  John Kuo]
<kerri_lemoie> Not Kerri-sphere :)
Juan Caballero:  May not map neatly to DIDs and VCs [scribe 
  assist by John Kuo]
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> Kerri is NOT the empress of the 
<kerri_lemoie> Not yet!
Matt Lisle:  One note, these are not just 4 courses necessarily 
  but could be 4 modules [scribe assist by John Kuo]
John Kuo: Success:
<john_kuo> -Jane has agency
<john_kuo> -Company has access to Jane's data
<john_kuo> Jane can become a candidate more readily
John Kuo: Failure:
<john_kuo> -GT can't issue
<john_kuo> -Company can't verify
<john_kuo> Jane has not printed copy
Kerri Lemoie:   Any companies interested? [scribe assist by John 
Matt Lisle:  Companies setting these requests all the time 
  [scribe assist by John Kuo]
Kerri Lemoie:   Phil Long suggest employer flows [scribe assist 
  by John Kuo]
John Kuo: Barrier:  who will build?
Kerri Lemoie:  We need more 3rd party and verifier stories 
  [scribe assist by John Kuo]
John Kuo:  Pocket working AZ Next - how to get in touch with 
  organizations partnered with AZ Next. They don't want additional 
  requirements. Probably will be a time before these orgs accept 
  VCs. May take some time for this. Growing awareness fo benefits. 
  [scribe assist by Kerri Lemoie]
Matt Lisle:  Seconds that, thinks companies are interested but 
  not ready so much, they see it more as a retention [scribe assist 
  by John Kuo]
John Kuo: Kerr: that does make sense
John Kuo:  The companies are two busy [scribe assist by John Kuo]
Kerri Lemoie:  Benefits don't outweigh cost [scribe assist by 
  John Kuo]
<kerri_lemoie> Access to campus Makerspaces: 
Matt Lisle:  Second use case [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<john_kuo> Maker Spaces
<john_kuo> Could do general training, get a credential, can 
  access maker spaces
John Kuo: Wrinkle: Different levels of access...
<john_kuo> General access isn't enough, need levels of access
John Kuo: Standards: same as before, OB, VCs. DIDs, OIDC
John Kuo: Tech: Authentication, scanners, wallet
John Kuo: Goal:  Jessica wants access to maker spaces
<john_kuo> Also make spaces outside of GT
John Kuo: Actor:  Jessica, Maker employees
John Kuo: Conditions:  has wallet on smartphone
<john_kuo> College has method to issue VCs and has hardware to 
  present VCs
John Kuo: Flow:
<john_kuo> - Jessica completes LMS course
<john_kuo> - Gets VC from LMS adds to wallet
<john_kuo> - Select credential, presents QR code
<john_kuo> May not be enough has to log in
<john_kuo> Gets access to limited stuff
John Kuo: Success:
<john_kuo> - one credential gains access to all
<john_kuo> Automated access
John Kuo: Failure:
<john_kuo> Someone else gets phone access
<john_kuo> Jessica can access equipment not qualified for
Kerri Lemoie:  Great use case [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<john_kuo> Similar use case for first responders
<john_kuo> Emergency situations, issuing badges
<john_kuo> Was hardened for security
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> Venn Agency in LA/BC was working on 
  something similar, i can't remember if VC-based or badge-based
John Kuo:  Adding biometrics to Pocket [scribe assist by Kerri 
Matt Lisle:  Mentioned we have a UX research student, she 
  questioned the focus on wallet [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<john_kuo> If she completes training, should be on record
<john_kuo> Swipes ID card instead
John Kuo:  Wallet replaces ID card, or vice versa? (Kerri) 
  [scribe assist by John Kuo]
Matt Lisle:  Near term first tab [scribe assist by John Kuo]
<john_kuo> Use case link:
Matt Lisle: 
Kerri Lemoie:   Need to talk about governance [scribe assist by 
  John Kuo]
<john_kuo> Lots of controversy, will need to talk about it, get 
  into use cases
Kerri Lemoie:  Anything else?  Thanks Matt! [scribe assist by 
  John Kuo]
<kayode_ezike> Thanks Matt!
<nate_otto_(badgr/csky)> Cheers! :+1:
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