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VC HTTP API telecon minutes for 2021-07-20

From: Manu Sporny <msporny@digitalbazaar.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 08:46:41 -0400
To: W3C Credentials CG <public-credentials@w3.org>
Message-ID: <1d5a50e1-5840-d1f4-7b01-8149300992d5@digitalbazaar.com>
Thanks to Charles E. Lehner for scribing this week! The minutes
for this week's Verifiable Credentials HTTP API telecon are now available:


Full text of the discussion follows for W3C archival purposes.
Audio from the meeting is available as well (link provided below).

Verifiable Credentials HTTP API Telecon Minutes for 2021-07-20

  1. Intros and Reintros
  2. Use case update
  3. Decision Making Method
  4. Pull Requests
  5. Issue Processing
  6. OAuth2 RAR Proposal
  1. Regarding issue
    https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/34, if a caller
    desires to build a VC incrementally of from a template, the
    caller can use another API to do so and then send the fully
    formed VC to the VC HTTP API for processing.
  Wayne Chang and Heather Vescent and Mike Prorock
  Charles E. Lehner
  Mike Prorock, Justin Richer, Mike Varley, Adrian Gropper, Ted
  Thibodeau, Manu Sporny, Charles E. Lehner, Mahmoud Alkhraishi,
  Orie Steele, Markus Sabadello, Brian Richter, Phil L (P1), Juan
  Caballero, Eric Schuh, Brent Zundel, Tobias Looker, Kaliya Young,
  Marty Reed, Andrew Hughes

<cel> I could scribe
Charles E. Lehner is scribing.
Manu Sporny:  Welcome everyone to the VC HTTP API call.
  ... Agenda Review, Intros, Use case updates, then mostly
  PR/issue processing, and the OAuth2 and RAR proposal, need to
  determine majority, super-majority, or back to consensus-based.
  Any updates/changes?
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Quick note, I want to propose we use if
  switching to super-majority
Manu Sporny:  Let's do that after intros and use case update

Topic: Intros and Reintros

  ... Anyone new to the call today?
  ... Anyone hasn't been on the call in a while and wants to

Topic: Use case update

Eric Schuh:

Manu Sporny:  Eric, and Juan, can you give an update? I did not
  schedule you guys for an update till next week
Eric Schuh:  Posted link, new heading, rev to github. title
  sections for DID use case document. we've started to fill out a
  few of them. also transitioned the five use cases we've
  identified as well-formed, to be in this new format.
  ... Eventually this will get transferred to the markdown, etc.
  No big content changes
  ... But if anyone wants to take a stab at writing an abstract
  or introduction, I wouldn't complain. Otherwise next week may see
  a first draft from us of those
Manu Sporny:  Excellent, looks fantastic. Any other help needed?
Eric Schuh:  It's pretty rough... If you think of something, take
  a shot...
  ... We still have use case in the old format with the flow
  diagram... Adrian, I think we had a comment on one of yours...
  We're still accepting new use cases, and feel free to edit old
Juan Caballero:  There's one we through together specifically
  with RAR in mind, as a sort of straw man for RAR, trying to
  imagine a situation that only works with some sort of
  authorization or policy enforcement
  ... If useful, take a look.. Issuance of a VC to a human
  holder... two different flows... you may start by looking at the
  flows and then look at the text
  ... This one not yet in the new format
  ... If folks have strong opinions about RAR, please check it
  out, see if some step missing, to help make it useful. I say that
  because it's timely... it would be good to have authorization
  details right before its PR'd in
Justin Richer: @Juan: where is that text? I don't see it in the
  linked document
Manu Sporny:  Is next week a good week to put you guys on the
  agenda to go over what you have so far?
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> starts on page 17
Eric Schuh:  Yeah, I think so. Our goal will essentially be to
  have a first draft of most of these sections. The requirements
  one may not be fully-formed of course. I think next week we
  should have enough
Manu Sporny:  I'll put you guys on for 10-15 mins with some QA
  ... I think we'll have a more relaxed meeting... pushing off
  some of the ... authorization discussions, to have a breather

Topic: Decision Making Method

Manu Sporny:  After quite a bit of discussion on authorization,
  we had decided to go into a majority vote. Nobody enjoyed that I
  don't think, but we were able to push forward on some things we
  had been unable to make progress on. Towards the end of the call,
  folks were like "let's not do this again, and if we do, it should
  be super-majority"
  ... May I suggest we move back to consensus decision making...
  ... when possible. Only if it fails for an extended period of
  time should we go to super-majority, and probably never do
  majority again.
  ... Let's see if folks are into moving back to consensus until
  ~2 months of not moving forward
Mahmoud Alkhraishi:  Procedural question: can we re-run last
  week's proposals as super-majority?
  ... I know it would make last week a waste of time, but
  considering the amount of work put into the vc-http-api, don't
  think it makes sense to bind us to 51% proposals
Justin Richer:  Any decision derailable by a single individual is
  not consensus
  ... I would recommend the opposite of what Mahmoud was saying
  ... Since there were many proposals brought which were
  evaluated as a set, I don't see the value of rehashing
  ... So to be clear, I think we should run the same set of
  proposals, under super-majority rules as a group, and move on
Manu Sporny:  If folks have thoughts, please put yourselves on
  the queue
  ... This is not a typical W3C thing
Justin Richer: @Cel: I said as a "simple majority" not a "super
<orie> my q is to ask about previous resolutions related to
<orie> and the proposals that passed in the last meeting
Manu Sporny:  I don't think we should re-run it... re-litigating
  is problematic, Justin has a point that it was a group, one of
  them we ran out of time, maybe for fairness sake we should give
  it a shot under the same position
  ... I'm supportive of it even though I don't think I would like
  the outcome
Orie Steele:  Previously we had resolved to use OpenAPI v3
  (Swagger) to define these APIs. I was looking at their support
  for ... these credentials, and it does support OAuth2 client
  credentials. That solution we could implement. I'm less familiar
  with GNAP/RAR. Since the previous call... I wonder if anyone
  could comment on whether it's possible they are compatible
Adrian Gropper:  I think a lot of this might be a lot easier, if
  at some point, maybe not this week, we may make a resolution or
  decision... we only have one of three choices: 1 to reduce scope
  to not have authorization, 2 use GNAP with or without OAuth. 3rd
  option is to have group without me so you can have consensus
  ... Over the past month, those are the 3 possibilities that
  have emerged. At some point we could decide which of those works
  best for the hard-working people getting things done here
Manu Sporny:  Thank you Adrian. 2 comments... Groups sometimes
  make decisions that are slightly contradictory. That's okay, we
  just need to find a way through it.
  ... Our decisions are not law... Yes we said we would write in
  OAS; if there are limitations, we can make up for it
  ... I hesitate to say we can't do it if it can't be done in OAS
<orie> part of picking OAS was to make sure our decisions were
  implementable using existing standards....
<justin_richer> if you don't want to deal with opinions, get out
  of standards-making 😅
<orie> but I can live with RAR being defined in ReSpec, if its
  not possible to define it in OAS
  ... About those proposals... we do not ask people to leave
  groups, that is anti-social. Yes, it's a pain, but we're not here
  to exclude people.
  ... Let me try to propose something... I think Justin is making
  the case for fairness in expectations. We were majority last
  week. We have one final proposal, about RAR, we would run as
<orie> remember you can always object to anything when the draft
  tries to graduate from a community draft....
<justin_richer> @orie from a quick look, the OAuth support in
  OAS3 is all flow-based (grant type specific), which I believe is
  the wrong framing for this kind of API to begin with. So to
  support RAR types I would say use a simple extension for now.
  ReSpec would also be very simple to document this.
  ... It is still up to people to implement this stuff... Just
  because people make a resolution, it doesn't mean an implementer
  has to implement it. I'm merely putting this forward so that we
  can make some progress.
  ... Does anyone have strong objection such that they wouldn't
  want the group to operate that way?
  ... Hearing no objections, we'll bring up that decision as
  majority, and then go back to consensus.

Topic: Pull Requests

Manu Sporny:
  ... This group resolved to split the vc-http-api repo into a
  specification repo and a test suite repo. I've done the surgery
  to do that. There are two repos now, one with the spec with a
  clean history: preserved history - spec repo has no commits about
  test suite repo,
  ... and test suite repo doesn't have commits about the spec.
  ... Feedback, for/against?
Orie Steele:  Now that these are split up, could they vary,
  ... Today we have some endpoints in spec not under test, or
  under test but not defined in the test.
  ... Now that we're separating them out... can we move them
  faster, independently, without being bound together to the same
Manu Sporny:  It's usually not a good idea, but ... ideally we
  try to have them converge, but maybe as a group we just
  understand that that might not happen for a while. It's okay,
  since we're in an experimental state.
  ... Any other concerns with operating in that state for the
  time being?
  ... Not hearing concerns, I'm reading it as they are separate.
  They're definitely not aligned today. The group is going to try
  to align them, that will be work.
Orie Steele:  Related question for the spec. We have a couple
  other repositories that would like to link to the specification,
  ideally to sections of the specification.
  ... Typically in a spec there would be informative and
  normative sections, but this is a CCG draft.
  ... How legit is it to link to sections of this spec? e.g. in
  vaccination-vocab, universal-wallet-interop...
<orie> so link to anchors, not section numbers
Justin Richer:  Section stability in standards document is,
  believe it or not, a hotly debated topic in some circles.
  Basically, if the target is semantic in nature - if the anchor
  can be, something like "issuer endpoint" - human readable
  semantic anchor, that's fine for this state. ANything section
  number specific will be inherently fragile, and anyone linking
  should know that. What I would not
Recommend this group to do is to focus on section number
  stability this early in the definition process... not that that
  was suggested.
<dfn> etc...
<orie> thanks justin
  ... So yes, link to anchors - named anchors. Can still call out
  section numbers in the link, but know you may have to change that
  in the thing you are linking from.
Manu Sporny:  Respec makes it easier. Not a dfn... create an
  anchor. If using respec on the spec referring to this spec (both
  sides), it's easier. If on e.g. traceability api, there's a way
  to... make it nice and pretty and work well. We have the
  capability, but I wouldn't start doing it anytime soon. But if
  you need to do it, we can.
Manu Sporny:  Let me restate the splitting thing. The assumption
  is we will adopt the two split repos. It's acting on a
  resolution. We'll do it on the next call. Would anyone object to
  ... I'm not hearing any objections. The vc-http-api repo is
  going to stay the same, just get a new main branch history. The
  test suite needs a new repo. Mike, do you have any opinion on us
  having to go through the whole work item progress? It's an
  existing work item we're splitting.
Mike Prorock:  I say just move it, don't see a reason to slow it
Manu Sporny:  Okay, we'll do that, that's easy.
Manu Sporny:  JWT PR, voluntarily closed by Charles, thanks
Orie Steele:  I'm in favor of that new work item. I've spent some
  time thinking about what the vc-http-api would look like if it
  did support multiple formats. I look forward to contributing to
  that work item.
<markus_sabadello> Abstract data model!!
  ... I expect that super quickly we will be sad that they are
  separate work items
Mike Prorock: +1 Orie
  ... Think we need that work item, but wish could ... just be
  ... And yes, the abstract data model is RDF in the VC Data
Manu Sporny:  Agreed, we're in for a world of pain... but good to
  recognize that item needs to be put forward.
  ... It may be a very helpful thing for the API long-term.
Manu Sporny: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/pull/211
  ... Revocable indicator... my expectation is its still in
Orie Steele:  Right, he's out... Markus made a related issue?
Orie Steele: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/204
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> he was just chatting!
Manu Sporny: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/pull/213
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> he might be somewhere he can't go off
  mute (it's 10.30pm here)
  ... 213 was merged, that's good... we need to make sure that's
  in the new history
Manu Sporny:

Topic: Issue Processing

Manu Sporny: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/34
  ... Those were all the PRs. Any questions/comments?
  ... 34: atomicity ... Dave and Troy going back and forth
<mprorock> "the before times"
Orie Steele:  In the early days of the VC HTTP API, there was an
  issue of constructing issues over time. This issue would appear
  to hearken back to that... like constructing an object
  incrementally, then sign it at some point and its issued.
  ... The current API assumes perfectly well-formed JSON on the
  client. You still have the ability to do that incremental
  building, just can't do it with this API - have to do it
  yourself, then pass it to the API, making sure the issuer URI is
  ... This issue is about discussing the old world... like using
  templates... I would propose closing it, unless folks want to
  specifically resurrect that worldview
Manu Sporny:  Proposal that if you want to do incremental or
  template-based building, that's cool but do it on your own and
  then send it to the API. Is that an alternate summary of what you
  said, Orie?
Orie Steele:  Yes, I'm making a comment on the issue to that

PROPOSAL:  Regarding issue
  https;//github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/34, if a caller
  desires to build a VC incrementally of from a template, the
  caller can use another API to do so and then send the fully
  formed VC to the VC HTTP API for processing.

Adrian Gropper: +1
Mike Varley: +1
Manu Sporny: +1
Mike Prorock: +1
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: +1
Ted Thibodeau: +1
Charles E. Lehner: +1
Markus Sabadello: +1
Eric Schuh: +1
Orie Steele: +0 Noting the requirement is now that you must
  understand JSON-LD.
<mike_varley> @orie - the constructor needs to know json-ld ;)
Orie Steele:  This API will only understand well-formed JSON-LD
  if you send it something to be issued. So you are ... placing
  outside scope...
<tallted> manu -- I think we want to be working from this list
  (sort by least recently updated) --


RESOLUTION: Regarding issue
  https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/34, if a caller
  desires to build a VC incrementally of from a template, the
  caller can use another API to do so and then send the fully
  formed VC to the VC HTTP API for processing.

  ... Maybe people think it's a thing the API should help; with
  this resolution it would certainly not be helping
Mike Prorock: +1 Ted
Manu Sporny:  We can always change our mind...
Manu Sporny: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/36
Manu Sporny:  This was raised by you, Orie, saying must provide a
  reference id... would you provide an overview?
Orie Steele:  I couldn't make sense of the issue... I suspect
  it's related to the mechanics of credential revocation lists... I
  defer to Markus
<orie> ahh, markus is right
Markus Sabadello:  I think it's related more to the templating
  that we don't need anymore. In the original API we had reference
  id, so the API could automatically populate ... in credentials.
  So I think this is obsolete and can probably be closed.
Manu Sporny:  Would anyone object to closing Issue 36, based on
  what Markus just said?
  ... I'm adding that text and citing the resolution as the
  reason we are closing it.
Manu Sporny: https://github.com/w3c-ccg/vc-http-api/issues/38
  ... Issue 38 is about capturing requirements... Mike?
Mike Varley:  A little related to the ZKP credential format...
<mprorock> Doofenshmirtz is best github profile pic ever
  ... looking if there were requirements from API... in a
  back-and-forth conversation to generate that credential. Since
  there was discussion with Daniel (whom I'm considering a
  subject-matter expert), brought up other issues
<kaliya> in the medium term ZKP-CL that Indy uses is being
  depricated for JSON-LD ZKP with BBS+ at least this is my
<orie> the API supports BBS+ today, but not ZKP CL
<orie> we should run a resolution to NOT support ZKP CL
  ... I think this issue by itself may spawn some other questions
  about do we need to commit to a particular schema for a VC before
  its issued (an issue Daniel raised)
<orie> (a proposal)
Kaliya Young: +1 Orie
  ... And does this API need to support CL-signature-style
  zero-knowledge proof?
  ... I'm going to go back to Daniel and ask for more guidance.
  If there are issues not related to ZKP, can split them out into
  other issues. Does that make sense / give context?
<kaliya> Here is the paper about the different formats -

<kaliya> they are being depricated1
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> for CL-ZKP VCs, not for BBS+ VCs
Manu Sporny:  Just to be clear, you are taking an action to go
  back to Daniel to talk about it?
Mike Varley:  Yes, about this... and maybe other issues
Mike Prorock: +1 Orie: we should run a resolution to NOT support
Tobias_Looker: ... In the context of CL, there is the notion of a
  credential definition, or a schema of a particular structure, a
  particular hosting of credentials... There is some complexity
  outside this API that would make it hard to issue CL credentials
  right now
<mprorock> not that we can't revisit
  ... Personally I think as a general convention for this group,
  when adding cryptographic schemes, we should be aiming to group
  them in common categories
  ... When elliptic curves arrived, didn't redefine concepts like
  key and signing, just the primitives changed under the hood.
  ... We've tried to do that with our work on BBS. Noting
  managing the complexity of that interface.
  ... otherwise if we require pre-computed information before
  creating signature, I don't see how we'll be able to create
  enough standardization around this API.
<orie> there are a number of cryptographic schemes that require
  "trusted setup"
Mike Varley:  To follow up, I agree with the points Tobias
  raised. I'm wondering, for folks more familiar,
<orie> and non of them are defined in VC Data Model, better than
  ZKP CL....
  ... are there any other credentials using the ZKP type, or is
  it just reserved for the CL signature model?
Manu Sporny:  At the time the spec was put together, ZKP CL
  signature were the only thing considered.
<juan_caballero_(spruce)> Early days, but there are additional
  options coming some day :D
Mike Varley:  Ok. Don't want to run proposal today, but it may be
  the case that VC HTTP API, maybe that type of VC is not
  considered... But I will follow up with Daniel, and reply to the
<orie> here is Microsoft's solution:
Manu Sporny:  To be clear, we knew there would be many types of
  proof mechanisms, ZKP and traditional, etc.
<orie> (from Juan's linked post)
  ... VC Data Model said there would be many types of proofs. But
  were looking at it through the lens of CL signature, at least for
  ZKP. It looks kind of dated now. BBS+ wasn't a thing back then,
  and it is now: we need to take that into consideration.
  ... Next time is you will go back to Daniel and gather input.
  ... I don't know what you could write here, Tobias, but
  certainly BBS+ will be kind of the poster child for how we do
  this correctly in the VC HTTP API. So heads up, people may be
  picking your brain
Tobias: I'll try to document it, and add to that issue.

Topic: OAuth2 RAR Proposal

Manu Sporny:  At the end of the call. Let's pick up the OAuth2
  RAR proposal. This is a majority vote...
  ... We're doing this in the name of fairness, because of the
  expectation that all of those proposals (from last week) were
  done this way.
Manu Sporny: PRE-PROPOSAL: The VC HTTP API MUST define access
  actions in terms of OAuth 2 RAR structures.
Justin Richer:  A lot of what I've proposed is not what's been
  proposed and translated.
  ... Basically, as I've been saying, I am recommending and
  proposing that this working group treat the VC HTTP API as an
  API, what OAuth and GNAP would call a resource server, and define
  the means of access to both of those
  ... I've already stated how [...] I think both should be out of
  ... What this proposal is saying, is every time there is
  something you can do in the API, you define a structure that says
  the things you can do. OAuth2 uses scopes, GNAP uses object-based
  language for describing in multiple dimensions - backported to
  OAuth2 as RAR.
  ... This proposal is saying that we, in this group, when we
  define a part of the VC HTTP API, we have to define the kind of
  access that you would need to ask for, for using that API.
  ... This is only for when you are using GNAP or OAuth2 to
  access the API. If you are not, if you are doing something else,
  you do something else.
  ... Saying that API specification must define access in terms
  of these structures is not a requirement to implement and use
  them, it's a requirement on the specification to describe how to
  do these actions. Very much in line with the OpenAPI...
  describing all the things you can do...

PROPOSAL:  The VC HTTP API MUST define access actions in terms of
  OAuth 2 RAR structures.

Adrian Gropper: +1
Justin Richer: +1
  ... so can be neatly described for an authorization protocol
  like OAuth2/GNAP
<andrew_hughes> abstain
Mahmoud Alkhraishi: -1
Mike Prorock: -1
Orie Steele: -1
<manu> -0.5, I'd like to see this as a series of PRs before
  making a decision.
<eric_schuh> 0
<mike_varley> 0
Charles E. Lehner: +0
<tallted> -0.3
<markus_sabadello> +0.5
<phil_l_(p1)> 0
<justin_richer> @manu asking for a PR is strange if the group
  hasn't agreed to do it, tbh
<tobias_looker> 0
<orie> it looks like this
Orie Steele:

<orie> but with objects.
Manu Sporny:  It might not be clear to this group what it looks
Justin Richer:  Orie is right, it looks like that (link shared by
  Orie) but with objects.
<orie> I can do the OAuth scopes
<orie> side
  ... I would work with it... If I can partner with someone who
  is willing to enumerate the actions possible in the APIs
Orie Steele: Components:
  ... I really think this is a much simpler thing than people are
  reacting to
<orie> lol
Manu Sporny:  I don't think we have agreement on what the actions
Orie Steele: `:P`
Justin Richer:  Agreeing to do this will help the group define
  what those actions are.
Justin Richer:  I'm not harping on this because I'm invested in
  some piece of tech needing this group's permission
  ... I think it's better for this group to do these things
<justin_richer> @orie json and emoticons are not compatible :P
Manu Sporny:  Not passing, but not a hard "not work on it",
  confusion about the actions... need to talk about it, let's take
  it to the mailing list.
  ... You're right, Justin, it's a conversation we have to
  have... Maybe folks will be more comfortable...
  ... It's inescapeable we'll have to talk about what actions the
  API performs
<orie> justin here you go:
<orie> :)
  ... Meeting next week will be a bit the same, use cases,
  issue/PR processing until done

-- manu

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