Splitting the VC HTTP API into two repositories

Hi all,

The VC HTTP API work item group resolved the following last month[1]:

RESOLUTION: Split the current vc-http-api repository into a "specification"
repository and a "test suite" repository. Provide a transition plan to the CCG
if links are going to break.

I have completed the surgery to separate the repositories; both patients are
doing fine.

The new specification repository is here (with history related to the
specification and OAS files preserved):


... and it renders (and is structured) just like the one we have right now:


Once we push that history to the vc-http-api repo, almost all of the old links
should work. *IF* there are old links that break that people are depending on
(hopefully no one is depending on links to an experimental repository), we can
get the old links working again via redirect or similar mechanism. We can deal
with this on a case-by-case basis for links that the community wants to preserve.

The VC HTTP API Test Suite repo now also exists (with history related to the
test suite preserved):


We will need to transfer the repository above to the CCG as a "new work item".
I'm not sure the traditional process of registering a new work item applies
since this is merely splitting a work item that already existed into two
repositories. I'd like some Chair guidance on what the appropriate thing to do
here is (with a preference to NOT go through the standard process because
it'll just create more paperwork for everyone for a work item that was already
approved and is under active incubation).

For those that are interested, please take a careful look at the commit
histories for both repositories to make sure I didn't prune anything that was
vital. We'll discuss this on the upcoming VC HTTP API call.

-- manu


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