Re: Weekend Project: ReSpec GitHub Pages

Orie, this is incredible, and great timing as well, as we're looking to
make it easier for people to create CCG artifacts. I will happily
help maintain this, and we can adopt it as a ccg repo if you'd like.

As usual, your weekend coding projects put my weekend "code-ling" projects
to shame. If I wait long enough, you always eventually write the code I

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 4:40 PM Orie Steele <>

> Made a GitHub Template repository that makes technical specification
> development with ReSpec even easier:
> New Features
> - Support for GitHub Markdown and HTML
> - Automatic SEO / feed / sitemap support in XML (including /
> jsonld)
> - Guidance for hosting JSON files alongside spec text.
> - Support for multiple versions that can share the same configuration
> files
> - Support for multiple Specs that can share the same configuration files
> - Relies on GitHub Pages, so documentation for "how to do things" is
> already provided by them.
> - No need to "build the spec" like is needed with bikeshed, github does
> this for you, and automatically notifies you when it's done (no workflows
> or CI needed).
> Dependencies
> Just uses ReSpec and GitHub.... so there is no "source code"... it's just
> a configuration of free existing tooling.
> If you really need to, you can edit 100% of the source files in the github
> repo, just like you had to before...
> If you don't need to configure ReSpec, you don't need to even see it, and
> you can use markdown to quickly sketch your spec up.
> I opened an issue on respec, trying to find a better home for the repo /
> template.
> Not sure where it belongs, but hopefully some other github organization
> with more maintainers : )
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