Weekend Project: ReSpec GitHub Pages

Made a GitHub Template repository that makes technical specification
development with ReSpec even easier:


New Features

- Support for GitHub Markdown and HTML
- Automatic SEO / feed / sitemap support in XML (including schema.org /
- Guidance for hosting JSON files alongside spec text.
- Support for multiple versions that can share the same configuration files
- Support for multiple Specs that can share the same configuration files
- Relies on GitHub Pages, so documentation for "how to do things" is
already provided by them.
- No need to "build the spec" like is needed with bikeshed, github does
this for you, and automatically notifies you when it's done (no workflows
or CI needed).


Just uses ReSpec and GitHub.... so there is no "source code"... it's just a
configuration of free existing tooling.

If you really need to, you can edit 100% of the source files in the github
repo, just like you had to before...
If you don't need to configure ReSpec, you don't need to even see it, and
you can use markdown to quickly sketch your spec up.

I opened an issue on respec, trying to find a better home for the repo /

Not sure where it belongs, but hopefully some other github organization
with more maintainers : )


Chief Technical Officer


Received on Sunday, 20 September 2020 23:37:57 UTC