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Updated Work Modes [via Core Mobile Web Platform Community Group] Jo Rabin (Thursday, 30 August)

[Agenda] Coremob CG Telecon, Weds 2012-09-05 [Action-48] Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 29 August)

F2F London, 2-3 October 2012, Logistics and Questionnaire [Action-40] Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 29 August)

ISSUE-20/ACTION-8 Text on how conformance interacts with the availability of hardware Robin Berjon (Wednesday, 29 August)

Stepping down Robin Berjon (Wednesday, 29 August)

ACTION-48 Arrange September Call [plus reminder re F2F October in London] Jo Rabin (Friday, 24 August)

could you please share the Ringmark test cases androidtest960 (Wednesday, 22 August)

London F2F date Dong-Young Lee (Thursday, 16 August)

ACTION-23 - Draft a proposal to drop online events from HTML5 Andrew Betts (Monday, 13 August)

ACTION-27: Fluidity of motion and consistency of framerates Robert Shilston (Monday, 13 August)

ACTION-15: How to load assets depending on MQs Robert Shilston (Monday, 13 August)

ACTION-47: Draft a chapter outline of "What is a Web App?" LEONG, JENNIFER (Friday, 10 August)

Draft minutes 1 August 2012 Josh Soref (Tuesday, 7 August)

Draft minutes 1 August 2012 Josh Soref (Tuesday, 7 August)

Re: App type research (Friday, 3 August)

Summary RESOLUTIONs and ACTIONs from Coremob Telecon 1 August 2012 Jo Rabin (Wednesday, 1 August)

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