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I have a feeling this is a rabbit hole, and I am not sure if I want to take the red pill or blue pill... :)  Lots of good comments already. To keep reading easier I reply to this original email.

I think Web Application WG [] has a lot of good information.

I like to raise the distribution topic. I would propose too add: a Web App should be able to distribute/update its programing logics dynamically via the Web. This may exclude some of the "native/hybrid' apps that happens to be written with HTML/JavaScripts. Like to see what the group thinks about topic.

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Here is a stab at ACTION-47 (, drafted by Bryan Sullivan and I. Please let me know if this helps to define "What is a Web App" at least within the context of the CoreMob requirements scope.
What is a mobile Web app?

First, a mobile Web app is mobile.  That means that it is meant to be used on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Further, it is likely to be used in and between various network environments, and usable when the user's device is network-connected (online), or offline. It may be expressly intended for offline use only, requiring no network connection after being loaded or installed.

Next, while being based on Web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), mobile Web apps can be implemented using WebView APIs in a native code wrapper, as installable Web apps using various standards-based and proprietary app packaging, or as Web browser-based apps.

Mobile Web apps  may be loaded on-demand from a Web server, may use installed or persistently cached Web content, or may use a combination of both installed/cached and on-demand Web content.

Mobile Web apps are typically single/special purpose rather than general purpose apps. They also focus on simple presentation and ease of user interaction, leveraging diverse forms of user input including touch, on-screen or dedicated keyboards, accelerometer, and speech.

Mobile Web apps are designed to work well in diverse environments and device form factors or orientations, and often use device information (e.g. geolocation) to provide a more contextually relevant user experience.

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