Summary RESOLUTIONs and ACTIONs from Coremob Telecon 1 August 2012


The following resolutions and actions were recorded on today's call:

RESOLUTION: Adopt the draft minutes from this meeting with the amendment that the meeting took place on 25 and 26 June not 28 and 29 June as stated
RESOLUTION: This group does not intend to reproduce the results of Browserscope or CanIUse
RESOLUTION: This group will not produce a test suite that is below the aspirational Level 1
RESOLUTION: Rename proposed definition doc as "What is a Web App" drop the whole idea of Level 0 and rename Level 1 as CoreMob 2012
RESOLUTION: Further meeting in 1 month
RESOLUTION: Coremob thanks the FT for hosting the voice channel for this call

Created ACTION-46 - Summarise the [F2F] summary and post on CG blog [on Jo Rabin]
Created ACTION-47 - Draft a chapter outline of "What is a Web App?" [on Bryan Sullivan]
Created ACTION-48 - Arrange September call [on Jo Rabin]

With thanks to Josh for scribing, Josh will produce a set of tidied minutes later this week. Meanwhile some untidy minutes to be found at


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