Re: ACTION-23 - Draft a proposal to drop online events from HTML5

So, if I have understood it correctly the Financial Times's proposal is that we reverse the sentiment expressed at the last F2F in that Andrew suggests that there is a good practice use of the online state and events.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Coremob reverses its position on dropping online from HTML5 so there's no need to communicate a request for it to be dropped.

We could go further and request a caveat or hint be inserted in HTML5 about "failing early". Andrew, would you like to draft some specific text for that as a PROPOSED RESOLUTION?


On 13 Aug 2012, at 18:53, Andrew Betts wrote:

> Hi all,
> Belatedly, I've put together a draft of this.  In short, after some
> research and further thought, we no longer feel that online events and
> the onLine property should be dropped, as they do have some value.
> Instead, I think the use of these requires a health warning, so that's
> what I've aimed to produce.  I've posted the draft here, but I can
> pull together a text only version if members would rather see it on
> the mailing list:
> Andrew
> Andrew Betts [skype:triblondon | @triblondon]
> Director, FT Labs [ | 0870 085 2038 | @ftlabs]
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