TPAC agenda for Browser Tools and Testing


I thought it might be a good idea to go into our meetings on Monday
and Tuesday at TPAC with a (rough, easy to modify, not-set-in-stone)
agenda of topics we want to cover. Mine would include:

* Interoperability
  (the spec is very loose on this, but interop is vital)
* Writing the conformance suite
  (my preference is to use the JSON/HTTP protocol to help ensure interop)
* Internationalised input (do we need the IME methods from OSS
webdriver? Our current solution is very desktop-centric)
* Possibly adding an ARIA locator
* Handling the shadow DOM
* Do we use strings or numbers for status codes
  (there are arguments either way)
* Identifying areas of the webdriver spec that better belong elsewhere
* Any queries raised by implementors

I'm guessing that there will be some time to spare. If that is the
case, it would be great to collaborate on writing the spec itself, or
working on the conformance tests.



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