Re: TPAC agenda for Browser Tools and Testing

The original agenda that we agreed on was to do a lot of the conformance 
tests on the Tuesday. I would like to keep that since that is extremely 
important to the work we are doing.

As for the rest I am happy to do. I am particularly interested in the 
Shadow DOM stuff as I have brought that up with you in the past.


On 19/10/2012 13:12, Simon Stewart wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought it might be a good idea to go into our meetings on Monday
> and Tuesday at TPAC with a (rough, easy to modify, not-set-in-stone)
> agenda of topics we want to cover. Mine would include:
> * Interoperability
>    (the spec is very loose on this, but interop is vital)
> * Writing the conformance suite
>    (my preference is to use the JSON/HTTP protocol to help ensure interop)
> * Internationalised input (do we need the IME methods from OSS
> webdriver? Our current solution is very desktop-centric)
> * Possibly adding an ARIA locator
> * Handling the shadow DOM
> * Do we use strings or numbers for status codes
>    (there are arguments either way)
> * Identifying areas of the webdriver spec that better belong elsewhere
> * Any queries raised by implementors
> I'm guessing that there will be some time to spare. If that is the
> case, it would be great to collaborate on writing the spec itself, or
> working on the conformance tests.
> Regards,
> Simon

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