SV: [agenda] Agenda for tomorrow's call

My regrets for today's call. 


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An adendum to tomorrow's agenda:

Discuss the restructuring of the
accessibility document [1]. We need feedback before moving further ahead.
Reference message Alan posted to both groups a couple of weeks ago [2].


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Please note that this meeting is W3C Member Only.

Please make sure that if you are sending regrets you do so _before_ the call and please use the member list (using the handy link below [a]) to do so.



Chair: Dan
Team Contact: Francois
Known Regrets: none


1. Content Transformation

   a. Review latest draft [1]
   b. Approve for first public working draft
   c. Discuss potential for Content Transformation "workshop" at next f2f

2. BP-2

   a. Review latest draft [2]
   b. Review latest comments from group [3] [4] [5]
   c. Set timeline for FPWD (or maybe approve on call? Yes? Maybe? Hm?)

5. AOB


Date: 2008-03-10T1500Z

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