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Minutes of GENIVI-W3C coordination meeting, 29-Mar-2016 Yingying Chen (Wednesday, 30 March)

R&R between Automotive WG and AGL/Genivi 이원석 (Friday, 25 March)

Endpoint propsals for RESTful style API 이원석 (Friday, 18 March)

[auto-wg] minutes - 15 March 2016 Kazuyuki Ashimura (Tuesday, 15 March)

Re: Mise à jour de l'invitation : GENIVI-W3C coordination Ted Guild (Tuesday, 15 March)

26, 28, 29 April F2F registration and planning Ted Guild (Friday, 4 March)

Stepping down as co-chair of both the Business Group and Working Group for Automotive Abramski, Adam M (Friday, 4 March)

[auto-wg] minutes - 3 March 2016 Kazuyuki Ashimura (Friday, 4 March)

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