Re: CSUN Dinner on Tuesday around 8 PM

Jemma - given Uber’s total lack of respect towards people—regardless of ability— and accessibility in general; I’d really rather not use or recommend them. 

As for location, I don’t mind going out to La Jolla, but please remember that we’ll arrive there after sunset; so those beautiful views might be a bit darker ;) Maybe we can find something a little closer / easier to reach so we can accommodate both the Godfather of ARIA and James ’the Brit’ Nurthen?

It would be good to decide on something before the end of the week so our social chair can make a reservation ;)

Updated list and suggested restaurants below:

CB Averitt
Michiel Bijl
Jon Gunderson
Birkir Gunnarsson
Matt King
Je Eun Ku (Jemma)
James Nurthen (if near the conference)
Rakesh Paladugula
Rich Schwerdtfeger (if not near the conference)
Cynthia Shelly

Sharron Rush
Bryan Garaventa and his wife

Léonie Watson
Jason White

Restaurants: <> <> <> <>


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