Re: Access Control: integrated Requirements, Use Cases and FAQ

On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 19:36:41 +0100, David Orchard <> wrote:
> The Working Group has not talked about or agreed to integrating the
> requirements and use cases into the access control spec.  In fact, we
> had a discussion last week about going to Note on document.  I don't
> mind not editing the requirements document if that's bothering you, but
> I'd like these changes to be backed out because they do not have any WG
> consensus.

This WG has always operated in a way that the editor makes changes and the  
WG reviews them. Also, as the document indicates it's an editor's draft.  
This is a proposal on how I think we should move forward. Apart from you I  
haven't heard any objections and I'm not exactly sure what you're  
objecting against given how this WG has worked so far.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Saturday, 19 January 2008 18:47:54 UTC