Re: [web-annotation] Base direction for annotations

Well .. I just tried to make the analysis of the issue. 
1. So .. with the current specification we have a way to correctly 
represent the text but you claim that this is not the recommended way 
of doing it (on which I agree, that it was a bad idea from the 
begining to mix the language with the script concepts).

2. However, in the case that we don't want to include the script tag 
in the language. I would say that the script tag should have an own 
property, in which case the textDirection is redundant, as it can be 
unanbiguously derived from the script code (and language information 
eventually). Additionally the script code can help clients to choose 
the correct fonts for representing the text, while the text direction 
is not helping in this matter.
Moreover, I think that the default script for each language can be 
derived from the "Suppress-Script" field in IANA registry:

I'm not trying to impose a solution, I just wanted to analyze the 
problem and existing solutions/standard.
The community can adopt the most approapriate solution, but I claim 
that the solution must solve both problems: text direction and font 
selection. It should also take in account the reuse of standards and 
best practices. 

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Received on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 10:12:54 UTC