Re: [web-annotation] exactly 0 or 1 language(s)

Hi all,

I believe that the "processingLanguage" will not solve the issue as it
 is still necessary to choose one of the languages (if more than 1 
exists) which may not be possible to do.

If the issue is for client application to decide if the text fits the 
language of the display, then they can just check if the language is 
one of the languages in dc:language and accept that part of it may be 
in a different language than the one that the user has selected.

If the issue is for software processing the text to apply a specific 
NLP then it can either still try to apply it and accept that the 
results may not be the best, or just ignore it as there is no 
sufficient information to apply them.

Best regards, Hugo

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Received on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 10:11:57 UTC