Re: [web-annotation] Base direction for annotations

@gsergiu please see my earlier comments. Here are four reasons i 
mentioned why you can't conflate language and direction (1) you can't 
produce the `auto` value with language tags, (2) BCP47 recommends that
 you do not use script tags for languages like Hebrew (suppressscript:
 Hebr), (3) you won't be able to rely on people supplying script tags 
as part of the language information in order to influence direction, 
(4) these are semantically separate concepts.  Another reason that i 
alluded to but didn't expand is that if you apply direction to inline 
content, it becomes even clearer that we are dealing with different 
things because the usage patterns don't overlap.

> Are the language + script codes (e.g. az-Arab | az-Cyrl | az-Latn) 
sufficient for correct representation of the text, including the font 
selection and the direction of the text? 

that would be a no, then.

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Received on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 09:45:02 UTC