Fun with testing

Just a quick update:

   1. I got the change integrated into the JSONtest.js platform that
   supports always including all the .json files in the definitions directory.
   2. This is integrated into the pull request that is against WPT.  THIS
   3. I have attempted to run through the two tests that are in the wat
   tree now - one of them references things in common that are not in there.
   (this causes the test to fail to load - I am working on that bug now)
   4. YOU can run tests using the development environment at [2] if you
   want.  Just set the path to /annotation-model to access those tests
   5. As and when Benjamin is comfortable with the protocol test component,
   he will merge that and it will be under /annotation-protocol

I will be on travel the next two weeks.  I will be around (some) but in
London so the timezones will be a bit wonky for me.

Please please please review that PR and just add a comment saying that this
framework is good so that the WPT powers that be merge it and we can get on
with adding our tests!


Shane McCarron
Projects Manager, Spec-Ops

Received on Tuesday, 28 June 2016 13:16:07 UTC