Implementation: Anno4j

I stumbled across this while seeing who'd started one of my annotation related projects:
"This library provides programmatic access to read and write W3C Web Annotation Data Model<> / W3C Open Annotation Data Model<> from and to local/remote SPARQL endpoints. An easy-to-use and extensible Java API allows creation and querying of annotations even for non-experts."

Does anyone know folks at the University of Passau?

Here's the Contributors list from the readme:

  *   Kai Schlegel (University of Passau)
  *   Andreas Eisenkolb (University of Passau)
  *   Emanuel Berndl (University of Passau)

How should we handle outreach? They seem pretty far along already! :D


Received on Wednesday, 29 June 2016 20:08:57 UTC