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I’m still modifying this “testing toy” based on the latest Prefer changes, but having you run it against MangoServer would be helpful from both sides. :)

Once my server implementation in WPT matches the Protocol spec a bit more closely—and properly sets up test-run environs—testing Mirador against that would be slick also.

Thanks, Rob!

From: Robert Sanderson []
Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016 8:27 PM
To: Web Annotation <>
Subject: Client & Server code

I took the Mirador codebase ( and updated from the Open Annotation spec it uses with a custom context, to the current model and protocol.  It took about two hours from beginning to end, mostly just tweaking the names of things.

I then ran it against my protocol implementation (MangoServer), with a little addition to be able to search by target URI, and it worked as expected.

So when we have tests, I have both client and server implementations to submit :)


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