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When the CR-s are published, I think we should (well you or Tim should) write a blog on the W3C blog about all this. About the fact that we are in CR but, very importantly, about the fact that what we have is a strongly cleaned up version of the OA document that is already widely deployed (we can put there loads of examples of deployment). The fact that many of those implementations are planning to update and then with this example showing that the update is not a major thing. This would tie in nicely with the process of CR->WG->REC, and the value the WG has brought to the standard.

Do you think you can do that? The publication is scheduled for the 5th, you should be back from vacations by then…



> On 25 Jun 2016, at 02:26, Robert Sanderson <> wrote:
> I took the Mirador codebase ( <>) and updated from the Open Annotation spec it uses with a custom context, to the current model and protocol.  It took about two hours from beginning to end, mostly just tweaking the names of things.
> I then ran it against my protocol implementation (MangoServer), with a little addition to be able to search by target URI, and it worked as expected.
> So when we have tests, I have both client and server implementations to submit :)
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